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Showering Baby Faith

On July 18, 2016 my first niece was born, Faith Emmie. Being a mother of 3 boys I was very excited for a little girl to be entering my world. I was honoured to be able to meet her hours after her birth, I never anticipated being so completely in love with this little girl.

Here she is at just one week old, so precious! My sister loves: white, mint, soft pinks, and floral. So we tried to capture this in the theme of the shower. All decor for the shower was found throughout my home, the only item purchased was some fabric to use as a table cloth.

Baby Faith at a week old

I made a custom sign for her room with my sister's favourite scripture. My plan was to design something she can grow with throughout her life, something that is timeless. So I stayed away from bright colours and used traditional white, stained wood and dark gray font.

A teepee I made using 3 scrap pieces of barn board. I cut the wood into 4 inches wide pieces. We screwed the pieces together at the top and then I draped 2 lace curtains (from ikea) over. I then hung a magnolia garland on top. I purchased it last week to make a wreath and have yet to use it, I suppose there are some perks to procrastination. I then attached 3 artificial flowers on top using twine. The Lantern is one of My Painted House's products that can be made in workshops. Great for party events!

The Flowers were made by the wonderful Janet Sales from Concepts Fresh Floral. I met Janet as a customer and soon learned of her wonderful floral talents. I appreciate her willingness to assist me with this event, I was blown away by your designs. The plates I used for the party actually belonged to my husband's great grandmother. I love them so much! A lady from my church noticed I had them and gave me a matching set. So I now have 20 total that I use for special events.

Food & drinks were displayed on old doors we had in our garage, they were placed on saw horses also found in our garage, this provide plenty of extra table space. We used a variety of rustic elements scattered throughout: crates, tool boxes, wooden ladders. All items I have collected throughout the years.

We had 20 guests RSVP to the shower, so I sewed 20 bandana bibs that we later painted for baby Faith. We had them on display on a clothes line when guests arrived at the end of the evening it was so great to see all the beautiful custom designs displayed.

The most beautiful cookies in the world were made by Kayli, from Cookies by Kayli. They not only were stunning to look at, they were delicious as well. Seriously, if you want to amaze your guests all you need to do is order from her!

Beautiful cookies made by Cookies by Kayli

The gift table, a table that usually serves as my desk in my craft room and the everyday chalkboard made in last month's chalkboard workshop.

I have a collection of random tables that I have acquired throughout the years. My husband is always complaining since they take up so much room in our already crowded garage, however when hosting events such as these they do come in handy.

Rather than renting a large party tent, we ended up just borrowing a couple shade tents and put them up in my backyard. We had everything set up and then got a down pour of rain, so had to quickly relocated everything under the tents....and this happened 2 more times. We had to set up and take down a total of three times because of the rain. But so thankful that the rain held off for the party so we could enjoy this last August evening outdoors.

The guest of honour finally arrived, seriously look at how cute she is. Her little bow and booties were made by my friend Erin from Perry Road Designs, you can find her on etsy.

The Beauties under their beautiful tee-pee. Faith looks like a little dolly here <3

My sister and I have our babies 5 months apart in age, I am so excited to watch these little cousins grow up together and be best friends.

The guests made custom bibs for baby Faith. Her daddy is an outdoors man who loves hunting, fishing, camping and the Green Bay Packers. As you can see the bibs were made to put a smile on his face. It wouldn't be a party by me without some painting ;) Vinyl stencils were made prior to the party, guests could choose from an array which one they wanted to make for Faith.

Guests hard at work painting their bibs for baby Faith.

For our shower game, guests did a baby food tasting. I purchased "Baby Gourmet" baby food and guests had to try and guess what fruits or veggies were in each. Some of the Ingredients included: vanilla, pumpkin, kale, blueberries, peaches, pear and apples. The food is surprisingly pretty good. The mason jars in the background I had made a few years ago for Valentines.

I think Faith was pretty happy with how her shower turned out! Big shout out to my Mom for helping me with the food. We made a great team! Could NOT have done it without your help.

Love you baby Faith <3

Signed, Aunt Janine

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